Fury In The Temple

fury-in-the-temple-test-of-faith-pic2012, the final year of the Aztec calendar.
Some say it’s the year to end all years… well at least the end will have a kick ass soundtrack! With the dawn of a new age having arrived comes the release of an equally disarming, raw, driving, thick and textured sound from a metal band that takes no prisoners.

Fury In The Temple:

Johnny Izaguirre – guitar and vocals
Joel Davila – guitar and vocals
Zach Quattro - guitar
Bobby Lee - bass
Aaron Umbarger - drums

fury-in-the-temple-joel-davilaFury In The Temple hail from the Tri-Cities and Yakima Valley regions of Eastern Washington state. They have a thrash metal sound, generally characterized by their fast tempo, complexity, and aggression. Low pitched, palm muted riffs, blazing double bass drums, and melodic bass lines blend with two-part harmony vocals and growls to create an onslaught for the listener. Blazing out of the gate with their first Self-Titled EP. Fury In The Temple provides much to chew on sonically, with their complex arrangements, and haunting harmony refrain, Fury is destined to make a massive impact on the metal scene.

"The self-titled album consists of elements that can be familiarized with popular metal and alternative-rock bands, such as Alice in Chains and A Perfect Circle. Their debut single and video for “Test of Faith” not only delivers such an exquisite and unique style, but it revisits the classic styles, like those of Black Sabbath, which we love to encounter every so often. With influences that are apparent, but with a strong manner of their own, Fury in the Temple excites and mesmerizes our musical interests from the very start.

The dark elements of their music are easily noticed, but there is a sultry vibe to the vocals that make the music of Fury in the Temple alluring. Complete with a band consisting of three guitars, bass, and drums, these musicians release substantial meanings that are adequate to describing certain depths of metal music."

- Andy Gesner, Hip Video Promo

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Fury In The Temple
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Label - Magmata Records